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The essential keys you must have to dating women successfully

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Dating is a game reserved only for the most careful and intelligent of us. We are all looking for our soul mate, that perfect match. We want to find someone who is so much a part of ourselves that you can’t tell each other apart anymore. Children are a huge part of the picture, which come only from our true love. Before all this begins, the dating must take place. The idea of dating women may first scare guys, sending them into a total illogical frenzy. However, dating women is not nearly as difficult as the movies and male psyche have led you to believe. ladies will appreciate small acts more than you may think. Random gifts, surprises, and phone calls are sure to make you look better in front of your gal. Cheesy lines, neglect, and a self centered attitude do not pay off.

If you have had your eye on an attractive lady for awhile, the worst thing you could possibly do is give her a cheesy come on line. No woman would ever fall for a line like “Do you know karate, because your body’s kickin!”. Instead, give her a compliment on her hair or dress, and if you’re feeling bold, strike up a conversation. Women don’t want to date guys who have nothing to say.

Once you’ve got the girl, don’t mess it all up. She’ll be horrified if you show up for a date smelly, ungroomed, and badly dressed. This behavior is frowned upon in any relationship. Instead, when you plan on seeing her, make an effort to wash up and put on clean clothes (that aren’t outdated).

After you’ve begun dating women, you might have heard something like “You never surprise me”. A surprise from you shows a woman that you’ve been thinking about her, or planning for her. A small gift, given at a seemingly random time, will earn you dating women points. Chocolates or flowers, small necklaces, figurines (even inexpensive ones), given when she least expects it, will make her feel like a lovely doll.

Another surprise would be an extraordinary date. If your town has it, consider renting out a pair of horses to go riding. Tell her you just want to hang out, so she’ll weary comfy clothes suitable for riding. When she shows up, at the park for example, a pair of waiting horses will be something delightfully unheard of in the art of dating women.

One of the things ladies hate most in relationships is self-disorderedness. Sure, its okay to talk about sports, cars, and mechanics, but not as a steady diet. She might be surprised and pleased if you turn around and ask her about what she’s reading, feeling or thinking. No cheating, either. Listen to what she’s saying or else she might bring the subject up later, and you won’t remember anything.

Kindness, surprises, consideration, and cleanliness are all keys to your success in dating women.

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