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Dating Articles

Blind Dates can either be the best or worst in your life

I have never been on blind dates before, but I do have friends that have. Though there are some horror stories out there about these dates, there are some success stories too. When you go on a blind date you might want to remember that this might either be the very best date of […]

There’s is not quick fix and hard rules of dating

I found it hysterical a few years ago when a few ladies wrote a book called “The Rules”. I don’t know what possessed them to think they knew all there was to know about dating, and it was even funnier when I heard what was in the book. Though there are some things that […]

Online personal advertisements has been opening up

Most of us who have surfed the cyberspace, or even simply accessed our emails have come face to face with online personal advertisements. In some cases, they are a minor irritation and are something that we don’t waste time on. But in other cases, they are rather interesting things to notice. To me at […]

On line Personal: The newage dating phenomenon that is raging on

There are communities interacting as we speak. There are instant messages being sent from personal computer to personal computer. Emails are tossed back and forth billions of times each day. What is all this? It’s a new-age phenomenon that has taken over our world. I can barely recall what life was like pre-Internet. Your […]

Take it easy Enjoy your Singles Holidays!

Even the most charming and most attractive people sometimes have problems meeting the right people. Dating is never easy, and there are many days when I thank my lucky stars that I have found my love and that I don’t have to worry about the big, bad world of dating. In my younger days […]

A Pretty Woman is more than skin deep

If you ask a lot of men what they desire, they might first say ‘a pretty woman, of course’. Everyone desires to be pretty, and everyone is searching for a pretty face. There’s nothing wrong with that, because looks are what draw us to a person in the first place. However, it is what […]

Why black people meet online

In my circle of friends, one is expected to be colorblind. This is easier for most of John Whitaker’s friends than it is for John. You see, most of them are caucasian, and several of them are Asian. John, however, is one of only two who is black. They live in a white community […]

Essential guide to choosing Online Matchmaking service

Many people hate to admit that they want to use matchmaking services, but there is really absolutely nothing wrong with it. For some people, finding the right person is easy, and we have no doubt about what we want in another person, and we have no trouble building a strong and lasting relationship. Some […]

Online Catholic Single Dating Service

Online dating nowadays are no longer generalized., are quite general in that they don’t cater to particular niches. One category of online dating is Catholic Single. This category exist because Catholic tends to date with follow Catholics.
Religion is such a powerful practice around the world. Even here in the United States it has […]