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A Pretty Woman is more than skin deep

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If you ask a lot of men what they desire, they might first say ‘a pretty woman, of course’. Everyone desires to be pretty, and everyone is searching for a pretty face. There’s nothing wrong with that, because looks are what draw us to a person in the first place. However, it is what happens next that counts. A pretty woman is only as beautiful as what comes out of her mouth. She can be beautiful, but if her personality turns you off, you may be surprised to find that after a while, she suddenly doesn’t seem like such a pretty woman after all.

When it comes to internet dating, you can only really go on looks to begin with, and that can be a problem. If you look for a pretty woman, you are going to find one. The problem is that there are so many people who use pictures of someone else, or they use the one photo of themselves that accidentally makes them look good. Even if the photo you see of a pretty woman is indeed an accurate portrait of who the person is how do you know what they are really like?
You don’t, and a profile doesn’t tell you much. You have to go by looks, but don’t discount the ones you might think aren’t exactly your idea of a pretty woman. The ones you see that you think are ‘ok’ might end up being gorgeous to you once you get to know them. You have to open up communication to really get to know someone, and then you can decide if you have found a pretty woman or not. You may find that your fantasy girl is vindictive, manipulative, or that her best trait is the ability to bore you to tears. If you are truly looking for a relationship, that type of woman is not going to work, no matter how pretty she may be.
The same can work in reverse. A man becomes more attractive to a woman via his personality, and can become ugly if he is cocky, brash, mean, bossy, or just simply a jerk. A pretty man or a pretty woman is not something you can tell when you first see someone. It is truly something that comes from within. A pretty woman has a natural beauty, but it is enhanced by what comes from inside of her heart. Beauty only gets you so far, and it doesn’t guarantee you’ll connect. Some fantasies are better left unfulfilled.

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