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Blind Dates can either be the best or worst in your life

I have never been on blind dates before, but I do have friends that have. Though there are some horror stories out there about these dates, there are some success stories too. When you go on a blind date you might want to remember that this might either be the very best date of your life, or it might end up being the very worst. Hopefully you have not put your dating life into the hands of people who are going to make bad choices for you, but sometimes even though with the best of intentions some will miss the mark completely.

Usually blind dates are set up by well meaning friends. These friends are just sure the two of you are perfect for each other, but you may not be so sure. You may be not comfortable meeting men (or women) this way, but it can be a great thing. I guess you should probably decide how sensible your friends are before you let them set you up. Before you go on any blind dates, make sure you find out why they think you will like each other. If they are going on looks alone, you may not want to go. Make sure there is a deeper interest that you might share.

Some blind dates miss the mark so badly that you wonder if your friends know what qualities your are looking for in a partner. They may not have been, or they may have just been wrong. Even two people who work on paper can be a huge mismatch in person. When you accept a date from someone you meet you have already felt some sort of chemistry or you wouldn’t be going. You don’t have that to go by when you agree to blind dates. That’s why there are so many problems.
For as long as there are single people on earth friends will be trying to send friends on blind dates. If you are thinking of allowing your friends to set you up, make sure you give them some ground rules to go by, or they might set you up with someone you will have interest in. Just make sure they have more reasons for setting you up than the line, “But he’s cute!” Movies about blind dates gone wrong are really funny because there is an element of truth in there somewhere. If you have ever gone on a bad date, or know someone who has, you can truly appreciate the real life humor involved.

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