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Online personal advertisements has been opening up

Most of us who have surfed the cyberspace, or even simply accessed our emails have come face to face with online personal advertisements. In some cases, they are a minor irritation and are something that we don’t waste time on. But in other cases, they are rather interesting things to notice. To me at least, online personal advertisements had changed hell lot. I had been out of the dating game for quite a while. But never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that the online personal advertisements had gotten so cheeky and one might even say, obscene!

For one thing, I found a lot more women on these online personal advertisements than I had ever known were on the net at all. Seriously! When I was younger, I too would trawl the online personal advertisements to try and meet women. Going to the nearest bar and scouting for them wasn’t really my scene, and getting a date from one of my classmates simply wasn’t possible. When you are one of the only few bookish sorts in a class filled with sporty and handsome types, your chances of getting a date are next to zero. So online personal advertisements it was and continued to remain for quite a while.
To be honest, I did meet some very good girls on the online personal advertisements. My first steady girlfriend was a contact I’d made through the online personal advertisements. My second contact in the online personal advertisements world swindled me off some money. After all, when a girl asks you for your credit card number in the very second online meeting, something (or rather everything!) should have told you that there was something fishy right? Not for me, as I gladly let her have it. And it’s a good thing that it was almost maxed out. For she took a good three hundred dollars and fled!

Anyways, to get back to the present, I was amazed by the openness and vivacity of the women on the online personal advertisements. Not only were they more open about revealing who they actually were, some of them were pretty open about what they wanted from the guys they were looking for. A far cry from my hey days on the online personal advertisements when it was taken for granted that the guys were all looking to get laid and the girls were all looking for the right groom. Nowadays on the online personal advertisements, it seemed like anything goes. I sure was glad for the openness and opportunities the youngsters were enjoying. And I must admit I was also a trifle envious. Things had changed a lot in the online personal advertisements scene. Pity I am far too old to go back to my wild days.

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