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Take your time to find discover your own Romance Story

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When you want to write your own romance story, you have to remember that romance is never mapped out, and you have to let life take its course. It’s never easy to be alone, but you have to know that the right man or woman will come when the time is right. If you think too hard, and have a long, winding romance story in your mind of what things will be like, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. If you dwell too much on what you think is ideal, you may end up feeling cheated, and no one will ever measure up to your standards.

Your romance story will be unique, just like you are. You won’t know how it will turn out until it is over. So many people fall into dating with dreams of the ultimate romance. In reality, relationships take work, and are hard. Even the best romance story ends in compatible companionship, and a trusting love that is different from the initial rush. So many people think the initial ‘wild about you’, ‘can’t keep our hands off each other’ stage will last forever. It may seem this way when you read a romance story, but that simply isn’t reality.

If you are still single, but find your head full of romance stories, you should go ahead and write them out. This way, you get them out of your head, and you can see each moment in reality, not with the script in your mind. There are many people who love to write a good romance story, and this is because romance is something everyone craves, but even the most perfect relationships end up somewhat lacking in this department. It’s normal, and there is nothing wrong with you if this happens.

If you crave your own romance story, take your time and date before you commit to one person. You may know instantly that you have met someone who could be the one for you, but there is never any reason to rush. A good romance story is one that is full of hope and understanding, and the main characters must trust and understand each other. Rushing down the aisle might only lead to disaster. You can’t push things, and if you are fated to be with someone, and your romance story is a keeper, you have all the time in the world. Enjoy getting to know each other so you aren’t regretting your decision a few years down the road.

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