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Why black people meet online

In my circle of friends, one is expected to be colorblind. This is easier for most of John Whitaker’s friends than it is for John. You see, most of them are caucasian, and several of them are Asian. John, however, is one of only two who is black. They live in a white community populated area with a large Asian minority. It is easy to feel colorblind when you are part of the majority. People never do a double take when they look at you. John love his friends, but sometimes having few other black people to hang out with makes me uncomfortable. John can never feel truly at ease among white American society.

That is why John have been trying to meet black people recently. He isn’t religious, so I can’t use the church, where black Christian people meet traditionally. Honestly, the place where black people meet in his community is on the world wide web. He has tried all kinds of things, but only the black people meet sites have worked. Since he lived here, he has dated mostly white girls, but now he has my first black girlfriend. Black people dating sites are really effective, especially in the community where the blacks are such a minority. Paradoxically, black people meet each other and really work to form lasting friendships and relationships, because it is harder to do than in most places.
Often, when black people meet over the world wide web they are very hesitant to form bonds at first. You see, meeting in person is one thing. When black people meet in a heavily white neighborhood, they sometimes instantly feel a sense of connection. They are likely to come from similar backgrounds, and to experience similar things in this culture. They are often subject to the same prejudices and the same disadvantages. But when black people meet over the Internet, it can seem like a tenuous cause for connection. Often, black dating sites lead to a series of failures. It took John a long time to even find a girl who was willing to meet me in person. Most of them were just playing around on the site.
Nonetheless, getting to know more black people has been a very rewarding experience for John. When other black people meet with John, he suddenly realize how often he feel alone. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. In our society, and maybe in our world, it is hard to be the only person around who looks like you.

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