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Whether you are clueless about managing time or have problems socializing, impressing a girl, catching a cheating spouse we have a collection of the articles to keep you well inform so that you won’t be totally clueless and lost

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How to manage time

Managing time has become something that we find very difficult to do in this world, even as adults. Our priorities become a circle of events in our lives such as working, paying bills, meeting deadlines and just getting by from day to day. As children, we had our days planned out for us by […]

Cheap Romantic Vocations

If you are marrried, it’s important you rekindled your marriage at some point in your marriage occasionally. This takes in the form of cheap romantic vocations. These vocations should not involved any kids around, just your spouse and you. Gateaway doesn’t have to cost you arms and legs.

Are you married? If there is […]

Meet People: The essential guide to meeting more people and making more friends

We all want to make connections. This is simply a part of life. Human beings crave and need companionship. Now, no one said this is simple for everyone to accomplish. The truth is it’s not. Some folks have no trouble at all when it comes to making friends and building relationships, and others are […]

Ways to Meet People

Let’s face it no matter how successful we are, we need friendship, need to make new friends. Friends are there for us to share our joy and woes. Good time and bad times, we need friends. It’s become harder to make friends going into adulthood. We may not become comfortable with socializing with colleagues […]

How to impress a girl like a irresistable magnet and keep her coming to you

There are a zillion articles on how to impress a girl. There are that many books on how to impress a girl. But how, really, do you get her attention, keep her attention, and make her come back for more of the wonderful you? Do you follow the men’s versions of […]

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

The infidelity rate in this country is getting out of hand; or rather, the infidelity rate in this world is getting out of hand. After all, cheating is not necessarily an American thing. I’ve traveled to other countries, and I’ve certainly picked up on a few things here and there. In the Asian country I […]

How to handle Teen Dating as a responsible parent

The idea of your teen dating can strike fear into the hearts of the parents in question. You’ve been around the block and know that things can go wrong in the dating scene. After all, you were once a teenager!
Maybe you remember coming home crying because your date turned out to be […]

Meeting New Friends

As you get older, you may think it is harder than ever to meet people who share your interests and passion. You are right, for the most part, because perhaps the easiest time in life to go about meeting new friends is when we are in primary school. At that time […]

The best and essential ways to meet people

We all know that friends can be good listeners and close confidants . Some are entertaining, others are mysterious or interesting . It’s always fun to listen to their stories, joys and mishaps. The first step to making a friend is meeting them. Sometimes it can be hard to meet people. […]