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If you are going to pop the question soon, you are probably thinking about ways to do it. Some people like the traditional on bended knee type of proposal, and many women think that is the perfect way to do so. If you want something different, there are many marriage proposal ideas out there to make it something neither of you will ever forget. You may have seen unique proposals on television and you want to do this for the woman (or man) you love. With a little thought, you can come up with something meant just for the two of you.

When thinking of marriage proposal ideas, just think about what both of you have in common. What are your favorite activities, hobbies, interests? Where do you like to go? What are the thing that both of you like to do? What are some of the inside jokes you share? Thinking of these things will help you come up with unique marriage proposal ideas. Don’t stress too hard if something does not pop into your mind right away. Sometimes, you just have to put it into your mind, and a great idea will pop out at you when you least expect it. I know a lot of ideas for just about anything pop into my mind just before I fall asleep. Keep a pen and notepad by you bed just incase this happens to you.

Still stumped? If nothing is coming to you out of the blue, you may have to put a little more thought into marriage proposal ideas. Ask friends for ideas, as long as you trust them to keep your impending proposal a secret from your intended. They may come up with something perfect and save you a lot of trouble. If you have thought to ask her dad’s permission, he may have some ideas for you. Her parents know her better than anyone, and they may be able to share a special memory from when she grew up. There may be a place that is special to her that you are not aware of, and this might be the perfect place to pop the question.

Brainstorming always works great for me when I need ideas. I sit and just write down everything that pops into my mind. This might work very well with marriage proposal ideas as well. Just start writing. Never give up, you may find that something pops out at you as you go, or you can combine two things you never thought would go together. The most important thing in dreaming up marriage proposal ideas is to keep your personalities in mind. Proposing to her at a football game won’t work well if neither of you go to games. You’ll find something perfect, just don’t stress too much.

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