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Hopefully, you will only have one occasion to ask a woman to be your wife. You can make the moment extra special if you consider unique marriage proposal ideas for the special event. There are many traditional approaches as well as wonderful ways to creatively pop the question.

We have all seen really interesting marriage proposal ideas in films and on television. These can be sources of great inspiration if you are trying to come up with an interesting approach. Of course, you don’t want to follow the script exactly but some of the marriage proposal ideas can spark some ideas of your own.

The perfect example of a great proposal idea is in the film Meet the Parents. Even though the whole thing didn’t turn out as planned, the concept was wonderful. The woman worked with children and the fiancé-to-be had them hold up signs that spelled out the big question. This is among the best marriage proposal ideas for a few reasons.

What makes this approach so wonderful is that the man really took his future bride’s interests into consideration. She loved working with children and he used that as a vehicle for his question. Marriage proposal ideas that embrace your future fiancée’s passions and interests are very effective.

If you are a big fan of baseball but she only attends games just to be by your side, you may want to forgo using this as one of your marriage proposal ideas. You may be tempted to display the question as you might have seen done on television but you really only want to use this vehicle if she is a big fan as well.

When you use your own interests while ignoring hers you may be sending the wrong message. The union is about both of you. Using something that appeals to her communicates that you understand who she is as a person. Marriage proposal ideas that embrace her unique character and sense of humor are usually best.

I used to wait tables in an upscale restaurant. From time to time there would be a proposal of marriage in this lovely atmosphere and I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the best marriage proposal ideas while at work. I once served a diamond engagement ring as dessert. The gentleman requested that we serve it on a covered plate.

There are plenty of ways to pop the question but if you simply add a little thought into the process you will find that you will create a truly special moment. Marriage proposal ideas can help you make memories as well as a commitment.

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