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The consequences Abusive Relationships

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Though there are no relationships in the world that are perfect, you might consider many of them fabulously flawed. I would think a perfect relationship might be something that will happen in your dream. If you don’t argue on occasion, or have a different point of view, things might stagnate. The last thing you want is for the passion to fizzle away. There is a fine line between a healthy argument and falling into the trap of abusive relationships. Most of these relationships start out ok, but in the end one of the parties is injured and the affects can be long lasting, vicious and devastating.

Abusive relationships aren’t always about physical abuse, and they don’t always happen between love partners. Sometimes this happens between parent and child, or stepparent and child. When you blend families, you have a higher chance of abusive relationships forming within your own home, and many times the other parent may not even know what is going on. Children aren’t sure what is even going on, and they may not know that it is not the way things are supposed to be. They won’t say anything, and that is because they are too scared to do so.

When abusive relationships are emotional or mental, there are no outwards signs. There are no bruises, and there is nothing a parent can do to see what is happening. Though there will be subtle signs like sudden shyness, children becoming more timid, or perhaps they will start to do poorly in school. These things can happen for a lot of reasons, and abusive relationships might be the last thing any one would think of when a child shows subtle signs of personality change.

You may think it is none of your business when you suspect abusive relationships, but it is more your business than you may think. You may be the only hope a child has to get out and live a better life. There may be no marks, there may be no hitting, but the scars left by emotional or metal abuse can harm someone for a lifetime. You can’t always save someone from abusive relationships when their parents are involved, but you have to try to do something. Their future depends on it. The effects can trickle down to affect the way they seem themselves, and can do permanent damage to their self esteem. Living with fear and self doubt can only lead to a troubled adulthood. Absusive relationship is a vicious and it should be stopped. It is almost a fact that there’s a high chances every abused child will grow up to be a abusing parent if left unchecked, so abusive relationships have to be detected and nipped at its root.

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