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The constituents of a Healthy relationship

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If you ask someone what makes a healthy relationship, they are going to give you a different answer than what you might give since every one will have his or her own interpretation of what constitutes a health relationships. If you go around and ask everyone you know, they are all going to say something different. This is because most people have their own issues within their own relationships, and they tend to focus on the things that affect them directly. When it comes down to it though, there are some simple things that will help all of those problems go away, and they can be considered the foundation for a healthy relationship.

A strong and healthy relationship is always based on trust. Though there are some couples that can survive infidelity, most of them do not. Those that do are never the same, and the trust can never be retained. A healthy relationship must be one in which both of the parties know they can trust each other to be faithful, as well as to always do the right thing. Trust goes deeper than that too. They must trust that the spouse will always have the best of intentions, and they must trust that they will always consider the other no matter what they are about to do.
You may also hear that communication is a cornerstone for a healthy relationship. This is something that is true for all types of relationships, not just romantic ones. If you can’t talk to each other you are going to be in hot water very quickly. There are many things that happen even in a healthy relationship that might be seen as something it is not. If you are not able to communicate how you feel or talk about what the problem might be, you may not be able to recover when something goes wrong, or when someone thinks something went wrong.

Love, of course, is important in any healthy relationship, but it must go along with trust and communication. You must always be ready to put your partner’s needs on par with your own, and you must have their best interests at heart. I once told my wife that all I asked was that she always treats me well. If you think about that, it covers just about everything there is. A good healthy relationship is not hard to have, but you do have to work at it, and you do have to want it. The best intentions mean nothing if you can’t put the energy into what you hope to have.

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