How to get Romance Publishers to publish your novels

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Getting romance novels to be published requires submission to the publishers. While all of them requires some publishing guidelines to be strictly adhered, not all publishers requires writers going through agents to get thing published. If you are getting rejections, you are probably
submitting to the wrong people. This is where the agent play a essential and critical role in helping romance writers to get things published. The following article will tell you where to get the list of publishers and get your novels published without the feeling of rejection.

Romance books are quite popular, even if most people won’t admit they read them. There are two different categories of romance, and most people have a preference. There are longer more detailed romance stories that stand on their own, and shorter books that are part of a line, like
Harlequin. If you write, or want to write, romance books, you have to decide which type of romance publishers you want to submit your work to. If you get it wrong, you are going to get a rejection slip.

A great resource for romance publishers is the Writer’s Market book. This book is put out yearly, and contains the names and information on all types of publishers. You can find most romance publishers listed in Writer’s Market, along with their contact information, what they accept as
far as submissions, and all the other details you need to make sure you are submitting your manuscript in the proper form and to the proper person. This information is also available online if you don’t want to buy the book, but there is still a fee involved. For any serious writer, this is a wise investment.

You can also find romance publishers by looking in your favorite books. The publisher is listed near the front. You can then take that name and do an Internet search. The company probably has a website, and they may have their submission information listed there if you look. If they do not, you may need to get an agent. Some romance publishers only accept manuscript submissions for agents, and never directly from the author. If this happens, and you can’t find an agent, you may have to look somewhere else for romance publishers, or perhaps take a look at your work and see if you need to rewrite and polish your work.

You will find that romance publishers operate just like publishers of any other written material. They expect you to follow their guidelines, and they want you to act in a professional manner. Calling the company every day to see if they got your manuscript might not do you much good. In fact, it’ll probably have the opposite effect. If you really believe in your book, but keep getting rejections from romance publishers, you may just be submitting to the wrong people. This is where an agent can help you where you have failed in the past.

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