How to choose a affordable Romantic Bed and Breakfast package

Life was getting hard. I had been married for three years, and although that was still working out well, everything else in my life was becoming difficult. It was really putting a strain on the romance. You see, we both run a restaurant together which, in case you’ve never been involved in [...]

Finding love on Internet Dating Sites

Finding love through internet used to be frowned upon by people, but with our society opening up, it is no longer a taboo. In order to find your important other half, you need to ask yourself what you want? You need to be honest otherwise if some prospectives find that your profile isn’t what you [...]

Internet Dating Service: Do they work

I had always thought that the very idea of using a dating Internet service was pathetic. How desperate was I? How did it come to this? In college, I had been very popular with the ladies. Not a single semester would go by where I would not have at least three or [...]

Anniversary Gift Ideas for your other half

How long has it been? Two years? 10 or 30? The years tend to pass like mere months as we age with our sweethearts. I swear every birthday I have comes a little quicker each time. Before you know it your children are in high school, and then in college, and then [...]

The History of Valentine’s Day

Ever wonder how Valentine’s Day started? It all started with a Catholic priest called Valentine. The Rome emperor at that time,Emperoor Claudius decree that since it’s difficult to recruit men
into his army, he banned the marriage of young men. Unsatisfied these men seek the humble priest to solemize their marriage. Unhappy Cladius decreed that Valentime [...]

Hot Valentine Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time to start thinking of some fresh ideas to make your Valentine’s day a special one. Now the tradition of giving chocolates, flowers and jewelry shouldn’t be neglected, but if you really want to go all out to please your loved one, there are so many [...]

Personalized Romance Novels

Do you know that you can personalized romance novels?
I have to admit I prefer to read romance novels though many clannish types may not consider they to be quality reading material, . Most of the time I don’t want anything too heavy, because my life is heavy enough. I am often looking for a feel [...]

Romance Novels

Romantic stories are one of the best selling genres. They are mostly written and read by women. If a man reads romance novels, he’s not likely to admit it. The first ones were written by celebrated 19th century authors, such as Charlotte Bronte (Jane Eyre) and Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice). Emily Bronte wrote the [...]