Just how did valentine get started. Whom did valentine’s day commemorate. How is Valentine celebrated around the world? Lost in what gift to give on that dreaded day. Clueless about how to celebrate valentine?

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Valentine Articles

Valentines Day shoud not be the only day you express your love

There are certain holidays/festivals of the year that I can justify gift buying and receiving. Valentine’s Day has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. Why should there be only one designated day of the year to show someone how much you love them? Does that mean that the other 364 days of […]

Order Flowers Online makes thing simple

Ordering flowers is something that practically every one enjoys whether’s it’s birthday, Valentine’s day, Father’s day or Mother’s day. With the advent of technology, ordering flowers takes away the hassle of literally going to the flower shops to order the flowers.
With the holiday approaching so near, people are flocking to the malls to find […]

The History of Valentine’s Day

Ever wonder how Valentine’s Day started? It all started with a Catholic priest called Valentine. The Rome emperor at that time,Emperoor Claudius decree that since it’s difficult to recruit men
into his army, he banned the marriage of young men. Unsatisfied these men seek the humble priest to solemize their marriage. Unhappy Cladius decreed that […]

Hot Valentine Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time to start thinking of some fresh ideas to make your Valentine’s day a special one. Now the tradition of giving chocolates, flowers and jewelry shouldn’t be neglected, but if you really want to go all out to please your loved one, there are so […]

Valentine’s Day

When it comes to days when tradition dictates that we send greeting cards to each other, some people are rather cynical whilst others get into the spirit of it. For old romantics, Valentine’s Day is a welcome opportunity to show their partner, the depth of their devotion. Some people send cards […]