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Online dating services are an extremely popular form of dating today.网上约会服务,是一个非常受欢迎的形式约会。 In a study conducted by the Online Publishers Association and comScore Networks, it was determined that people in the United States alone spent over 450 million dollars on online dating and personals services in 2004, which ranks online dating as the largest portion of paid content on the internet today.在研究进行的线上出版商协会及comScore Networks的,因此决定在美国安插的人,仅花了超过450亿美元,对网上约会和交友服务,在2004年,居网上约会作为世界上最大的部分付费内容对在互联网上。

As of the beginning of 2006, there are more than a thousand different dating sites available.截至2006年初,有超过一千名不同的约会地点。 Some of the most popular sites include Yahoo Personals, eHarmony, Match.com, and American Singles.一些最热门的网站包括雅虎的Personals , eharmony , match.com ,和美国单打。

Though there have been forms of online dating occurring since the beginning the internet, there was initially a strong social stigma associated with it.虽然有形式的网上约会发生,年初以来,在互联网上,但是最初有一种强烈的社会耻辱与此相关。 People who dated online were thought to be strange, socially inept, or otherwise undesirable people that were resorting to an extreme measure to find dates.人,月线上被认为是很奇怪的,社会无能的,或者以其他方式不可取人被诉诸一种极端措施,以找出日期。 However, in the middle of the 1990s online dating became more popular, a wave that culminated with a movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan called ‘You’ve Got Mail’ released in 1998.然而,在上世纪90年代中叶网上约会变得更为流行,浪潮,最终于电影主演汤姆汉克斯和梅格瑞安所谓'你的邮件'发表于1998年。 As of 2006, the stigma of online dating has all but disappeared, and it is widely regarded as an practical , intelligent and effective way of meeting people for dates, relationships, and even marriage.截至2006年,柱头的网上约会已经全部消失了,它被广泛视为一种实用的,聪明而有效的方式满足人们对于日期,人际关系,甚至婚姻。

There are many benefits to online dating compared to meeting people by chance or at a bar, night club, or party.有很多好处,网上约会相比,以满足人们一个偶然的机会,或在酒吧,夜总会,候选人或政党。 Users of an online dating site can browse ‘profiles’ of potential dates prior to communicating with them.用户对网上交友网站,可浏览档案'潜在的日期之前,与他们通信。 This offers an element of selectivity that bars, and other traditional meeting places lack.这提供了一个元素的选择性,酒吧和其他传统的聚会场所缺乏的。 In a live social setting, you are limited to the people present in the room, and may be engaged in a conversation by someone you have no interest in. Likewise, there is the ever-present fear of rejection in live scenarios.在一个活生生的社会环境下,你是有限的,以人民的,目前在会议室,并可能被进行了交谈,有人没有你感兴趣,我们也有千变万化,目前的恐惧排斥在生活情景。 Online, it is much easier to say hello to people you may have otherwise been too nervous to approach.线上,是非常容易的说你好的人你可以在其他方面过于紧张的做法。 Additionally, there are many thousands more people to choose from, and you can select from people in any location in the country.此外,也有许多千多的人选择了,你可以从中选人,在任何地点,在该国。

Critics of online dating often point to a number of dangers of the modern phenomenon, citing examples where users were mislead, lied to, and sometimes kidnapped or assaulted by people they had met by way of the internet.批评者的网上约会往往指出了一些危险的,现代的现象,列举用户被误导,欺骗,有时还绑架或殴打的人,他们曾会见的方式上网。 While these cases are indeed alarming, the dangers of online dating are common to all forms of dating.而这些案件都确实令人震惊,但危险的网上约会是常见的各种形式的约会。 Meeting someone at a bar, nightclub or party does not offer better security that meeting someone online.会议上,有人在酒吧,夜总会或党不提供更好的安全那次会议上,有人上网。 In fact, most dates that are arranged online result only after a long exchange of emails and phone calls, so members are able to get a feel for their potential date before even meeting them.事实上,大部分的日期是安排了网上,结果只能是经过长期的交流,以电子邮件和电话,让大家都能够给人一种感觉:他们的潜力日期之前,即使符合这些规定。

Dangers and stigmas aside, online dating is the fastest growing method of meeting people there is today, and has already permanently changed the way people find dates in our society.危险和柱头外,网上约会是增长最快的方法满足人民有今天,并已永久地改变了人们寻找的日期在我们的社会。 Cyber dating has taken dating to a new dimension.网上交友已采取约会提高到一个新的层面。

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